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Tangara is a self-hosted software that allows you to manage your online business selling digital products and courses. It's an all-in-one platform that includes everything you need to grow your business.

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Everything you need, all included

It takes a lot of work to jump and create online courses. We get it; that's what we do as well. Tangara removes a lot of pain from this beautiful lifestyle you're aiming for.

Your store
Sell your products and collect payment via credit card, PayPal, and other gateways from a modern website with your domain name.
Host your courses
Each of your online courses get a dedicated page where students can watch videos, read article, complete quizes. You can see their progression and get feedback.
Emails and newsletters
Emails and newsletters are the best tools to grow your audience and enroll more students. Segment your audience and send them emails. Send frequent newsletters.
Affiliate program
Another powerful tool to grow your revenue is to start an affiliate program. People earn money by referring their audience to your courses. It could be a game changer for reaching new people who need your content.


One-time purchase with optional managed hosting

It's like we're back in the good old days. There are no monthly fees or transaction fees; you own your data and your merchant accounts. There is no risk of a sudden price increase or paid feature.

Initial purchase

$249 one-time

You obtain the software and everything you need to start.

  • Software
  • Videos on how to self-host
  • 12 months update
  • 12 months support
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Optional managed hosting

$12 /month

You get your own server that manage. We can transfer ownership at any time, it's yours.

  • Your server managed by us
  • Choose a region
  • 24x7 monitoring
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Installation package ($79 one-time)

We're happy to install it for you on your server. We can provision a server, install the software, and help with the domain name. You still own everything, but we set up everything for you.

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Frequently asked questions

You'll need a server, we recommend Digital Ocean. We can install it for you if you'd like. You'll need a Postmark account to send emails, a Stripe account to process credit cards, and Google Pay payments. You'll need a PayPal business account to accept PayPal payments.

We're usually quick to perform new installations. If you have the following accounts ready, this helps Digital Ocean, Postmark, and Stripe. You must update your domain name's DNS records to point to your server. We can help with that, but this step is hard to predict. Usually, you can have your store ready in 2 business days.

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